POCAFest 2013

A Community Acupuncture Event for You!

Join your community acupuncturists at this year’s POCA Fest in Rhode Island!

You’ll be in the fine company of lots of community acupuncturists from around the country, community acupuncture patients, clinic staff, POCA members, volunteers, supporters and their friends and families!

What’s POCA you ask?  POCA is the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture!

We are lucky to be have POCAfest held so close to home (thank you Chris Montaro at our neighbor clinic Providence Community Acupuncture for making this happen!) This year’s event will be held at a gorgeous summer camp just down the road in North Scituate, Rhode Island: Camp Aldersgate (less than an hour’s drive from MetroWest Whole Health: directions here).  Last year’s first ever POCAfest was held in San Francisco, and we aren’t sure when the next New England event will occur after this year’s.

The theme for 2013 POCAfest is cooperatives and community with the aim of connecting community acupuncturists with patients and community acupuncture supporters.  All your acupuncturists from MetroWest Whole Health will be there to soak in good learning and to connect with our colleagues, POCA members, and POCA supporters like you from around the country.

Saturday, June 1st is open to anyone who would like to attend (and that’s YOU!).  A wide variety of presentations will be offered for learning and sharing, including ones geared to patients, POCA volunteers, staff, and folks just keen on learning more about cooperatives. Details you ask?

POCAFest 2013 will host

  • a community acupuncture story slam
  • clowning essentials (a playful communications workshop)
  • future community acupuncturists:  ”So You Want To Go to POCATech?”
  • a free on-site community acupuncture clinic for you to drop in on during the afternoon for a nice relaxing acu-nap
  • outdoor games and circus arts in the afternoon
  • beautiful walking trails for you to enjoy

You’ll get to meet lots of fantastic people from around the country.  Lunch is included.

Saturday costs $30-60 sliding scale and runs from 9-5
You can come for part or all of it
Your fees include lunch and a free acupuncture treatment!

It’s a great deal.  Come on down for the day and join us – we’d love to see you there!

Click here for more information about POCAfest, and to register online

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