Baby Bulletin Board

Calling ALL Moms and Dads we’ve ¬†helped with fertility and pregnancy

We’ve provided care to lots of new moms in the last few years and would love an update a on how you and your family are doing. We’re working on putting together a baby bulletin board with snapshots of your adorable little ones! If we’ve helped you conceive, supported you through your pregnancy, assisted you with optimal fetal positions, helped you get your labor started…. we’d LOVE for you to send us a photo of your beautiful baby for our MetroWest Whole Health Baby Bulletin Board. It could be a family photo, you and your baby or your baby alone, whatever you’d prefer.

There are 3 ways to submit a photo:

1) Email a photo to and we’ll have it printed and shipped to us.

2) Snail mail a photo to us at
MetroWest Whole Health
89 Main Street, Suite 211
Medway, MA 02053


3) Bring in a photo at a future appointment.

Thank You for building our community and for your participation!

About the Author

Acupuncturist & herbalist. My goal is to make acupuncture care accessible to folks with ordinary incomes. Student midwife. Gardener. Teacher. Aspiring goat herder!