Time to Cook Autumn Soups


Soup is a favorite topic here on the clinic’s blog. In fact, we have nine blog posts dedicated to favorite soup recipes!

Since I hear it’s turned chilly in New England it’s time to break out the slow cooker and warm the bellies of the ones you love… including yourself.

Here’s one of my very favorite online food sites: Nourished Kitchen. Just take a peek at the vast array of foods you can learn to prepare: brined peppers, water kefir, classic French onion soup! The fine cooks behind this site have selected “12 Nourishing Autumn Soups” just in time!

In Chinese medicine we find it’s important to cook local and seasonal recipes to help bodies adjust to the season and prepare for the upcoming winter. Here’s another collection of favorite autumn soups, this one from the Chinese Soup Lady.

Enjoy, take pictures and eat your soup!


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