What We’re Reading


Circa 1944

“There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away. . . .”

Emily Dickinson

This page is a little peek into what we at MetroWest Whole Health are reading.

“We read for entertainment, to pass the time, to visit other worlds, to expand our sense of what is possible. We hunt for treasure, rarely satisfied, but seeking new things to which we can aspire, clues and answers to what our lives are meant to be. At best, perhaps, we read to challenge ourselves and to be changed.” Read more

Life long learning depends on our ability to educate ourselves through reading, experience and opening our minds.

At MetroWest Whole Health we love learning so much we’ve even got a library for you.  You can check out books and magazines or just hang out at the clinic and read.  Interested in what’s in our collection?  See some of the recently checked out books here.

It’s a lifelong, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit.  As such, it not only enhances social relationships — giving us things to talk about and new ideas to explore — it increases our motivation and ability to be actively involved in our community and neighborhood.  And it’s just fun.

Some of us struggle with reading or certain types of reading.  So when we talk about reading, we needed to expand reading beyond dry, dusty books to include graphic novels, comic books, newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs… reading is reading.  We may do it slowly or quickly, a lot or a little.  But in today’s information based society, we all read… even if it’s only those darned instruction manuals from Ikea!

About the Author

Acupuncturist & herbalist. My goal is to make acupuncture care accessible to folks with ordinary incomes. Student midwife. Gardener. Teacher. Aspiring goat herder!