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  • gururas

    Steroid Shots and Your Health: Take Two

    Making decisions when we're in pain. With research showing its failure to relive suffering and over 400 people damaged and 31 people dead, steroid injections aren't our "go to" starting point. So where to begin?

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  • POCA

    Introducing POCA: The People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture

    Introducing POCA - The People's Organization for Community Acupuncture. We're a member & you can be too. #url#

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  • ASP_Ear

    Acupuncture and the US Military: Worlds Collide?

    Providing acupuncture to US military personnel near and far can provide relief and help them return to duty.

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  • Injections?

    On Cortisone Injections…

    Many of us feel we need to keep doing stuff (working, exercising, running around...) and are afraid to take time to heal. Here's an article on cortisone injections from the New York Times.

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  • caduceus

    Post-surgical acupuncture treatment

    Postoperative ileus is a common problem in patients who have major abdominal surgery. The duration is usually short, but may lead to increased hospital stay and costs. Information from a study group may help surgeons choose appropriate therapy for PPOI after abdominal surgery.

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  • obamathumb

    Does Obama Want Acupuncture?

    Recent reports from the healthcare discussion in Washington are now saying that healthcare reform may include "alternative medicine therapy language". To wit, HR 646 is a bill that will add acupuncture options to Medicare B and federal employee health insurance.

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