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  • Injections?

    On Cortisone Injections…

    Many of us feel we need to keep doing stuff (working, exercising, running around...) and are afraid to take time to heal. Here's an article on cortisone injections from the New York Times.

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  • caduceus

    Post-surgical acupuncture treatment

    Postoperative ileus is a common problem in patients who have major abdominal surgery. The duration is usually short, but may lead to increased hospital stay and costs. Information from a study group may help surgeons choose appropriate therapy for PPOI after abdominal surgery.

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  • Let ‘em get dirty

    Let ‘em get dirty

    BBC reports Children should be allowed to get dirty… My mother is a really great housekeeper.  In fact, for a number of years she was an infection control nurse… during which time she told me that the local Motel 6 was cleaner than the hospital […]

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  • New Website… New Blog

    New Website… New Blog

    Welcome to our new website. I’m still adding information especially in the research area.  If you have any particular topics you’d like me to research, please let me know. And if by chance you find a typo… let me know too! Take care, Della

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